Our Hydroseed machines mix together seed, water, fertiliser, tackifier (glue), and green wood fiber mulch to create a slurry. The slurry is then sprayed on the ground at high pressure . These conditions are perfect to produce a lush green lawn in a very short time and at a fraction of the cost of roll out lawn.

HydroSeeding  is a cost effective option for obtaining a beautiful lush lawn. It is a cheaper option to instant turf, though the same amount of ground preparation is required.

At Ground Care, we work to the highest standards of this industry. As a result, we do not use home made blends of non-renewable  products or recycled newspaper  as mulch, only the highest quality of 100% virgin  wood fibre with tackifiers at concentrations appropriate to the contracted application. We are firmly committed to successful lawn establishment and erosion control on every project.

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+ What is hydroseeding?

Hydroseeding is a process of combining seed, wood fibre mulch, fertiliser, tackifiers and other organic additives with water to form a slurry mixture. This mixture is pressure applied to the soil to create the ideal environment for seed germination and turf development. Grass may appear in as little as 5 days and be well established in 3-4 weeks.

+ How soon will I have Grass?

Hydroseeded lawns will begin to germinate is as little as 5-7 days. Most grass types will take between 3-4 weeks to fill in .


No Hydroseeding is a completely safe and non-toxic method of growing grass that is harmless to kids, pets and the environment.


No. Some companies use the least amount of materials, less expensive seed or recycled newspaper as mulch. This means that you are not getting the best quality lawn.

+ Can I Hydroseed an existing lawn?

Yes, hydroseeding is not just for new lawns, it can be used to renovate or overseed existing lawn as well. It will fill in bare, weak areas and create a much healthier lawn.

Lawn Preperation

Success or failure of a home lawn is closely tied into how well the soil and site was prepared prior to lawn establishment.

We have all the equipment and knowledge to perfectly prepare your site, from the first total kill spray and vegetation removal to supply and spreading of topsoil , tilling and levelling.

We can also amend poor soils at this stage by adding organic matter.

No matter if your site is a new build or an existing lawn requiring renovation , we have the expertise to do it all.

Irrigation Systems

We offer completely customised systems to suit any budget.

We only supply and install the highest quality products which are well proven in New Zealand and are very water efficient Our systems are well hidden and can be installed in a new lawn or existing lawn with minimal disruption .

By installing an irrigation system, you can expect a beautiful, lush and healthy lawn throughout summer and winter, adding value to your property and making your life a lot easier.

Lawn Maintenance

Our maintenance programs include:

Fertiliser: All Lawns require regular feeding to promote thick, lush growth , our custom blend, season specific fertiliser does wonders to all grass types.

Weed Control: Keep unsightly broadleaf and prickle weeds away with our certified weed spray treatments.
Most sprays should only be applied by a licensed applicator and at label rates. We carry all certification and health and safety qualifications for safe chemical application and storage .

Insecticides: Control Grass Grub , Porina and Black Beetle with our Pest treatment.
These insects attack your lawns roots and leaves and can severely damage a lawn in a very short period of time .